SIAT Flexo printer C.I. model LTC 6/50 (Italy), year 2000


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About SIAT Flexo printer C.I. model LTC 6/50 (Italy), year 2000

SIAT Flexo printer C.I. model LTC 6/50 (Italy)
Year: 2000 (the machine was mechanically and electrically refurbished in the year 2022)
6 col. (6+0 or 6+6)
Central drum. The central drum is in very good condition because it works always full print jobs
For film
With brand new diagonal 6+6 on 48% of the material
Material: polythene, pp, extensible nylon from 15 to 400 my
For food industry foil and tubular
New modern concept of flexo printer
CE brand
Max print width: 500 mm
Max passage width: 550 mm
Print repeats: from 250 to 480 mm
Speed: max speed 250 m /min. Regular speed 150 m/min
Electrical axle not mechanical
Chromed cylinder with double sleeve for eventually pass to UV inks in the future (cylinder can be cooldown)
Sector deck to avoid the concentration of the solvents and to have a better drying
Hydraulic grinding
New pushbutton
No chiller
With 6 doctor blades + 2 spare parts
Pistons for keeping the doctor blades at the correct level
Modified to work until 20 m /min. with the doors open and then they need to be closed when you increase the speed
Printing pitch: 5 cm
Drying system by electrical batteries
Printing units work in automatic
Temperature control to set-up independently on the tunnel and printing colors
It is possible to make new retified sleeves for the continuous printing
Air pumps
New Securities
Electrical renovation + emergencies
Printing cylinders to confirm:no. 6 x25, 30, 31 ,33, 29, 29,5, 28, 28,5, 34, 34,5, 26, 36, 40, 41, 42, .44, 46, 48 printing cylinders set with gears
Aniloxes: 4×320, 4×160, 1×80, 1×220, 1×120
New painting
New bearings for anilox and for the unwinder/rewinder
New lights
New air shafts
New temperature probes for deck and printing unit to maintain the same temperature for the film
New emergencies
Electrical panel control with 2 controls of the opening for safety
Web guide FIFE
Clichè mounting plate without cameras but very functional
Trolley for the cylinders
Modification for the ink pumps with the return of the inks in tanks
Very robust shoulders
Reading of the diameter when is ending the reel, it rings
Power consumption: 36 kW full power when it starts and then 18 kW for normal use
Visible in operation
Immediately available

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About SIAT Flexo printer C.I. model LTC 6/50 (Italy), year 2000

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