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About Holweg RS1 year 1960

Holweg RS1
Year 1960
Perforation type
Finished Bag widths min-max: 40-200 mm
Finished bag widths min.-max: 80 – 320 mm
Cut lengths min-max: 120 – 380 mm
Max reel dia.: 900 mm
Max width of the reel: 550 mm
Grammage: 30 – 70 gr
Option for extra price: in-line printer 3 col. Holweg of 1995
Option 2 for extra price: new brushless motor and PLC Siemens to avoid to automatic change the bag size (tamper unit and the gear).
No window unit
Speed: 500 bags/min.
N 5 forming plates
Visible in production until 20th of October 2022
Immediately available

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About Holweg RS1 year 1960

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