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About Castaldini EIS 2000, year 2005

Castaldini EIS 2000 (Italgam 4 P the body of the machine and  inline printer up to the reel stand system is Manzoni)
Year: 2005
Perforation type
In line 4 col. printer and drying system by 3 batteries of 6 Kw
Window unit
Bag sizes: 10 x 22 cm up to 30 x 70 cm;
Up to 55 cm it is possible to work by 4 pliers and from 57 cm up to 70/76 cm, 2 pliers.
Hot melt Robatech
Hydraulic control unit
Speed: 400 bags/ min. with window unitù
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About Castaldini EIS 2000, year 2005

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