Newlong 335T-MⅡ-305THD, year 2003


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About Newlong 335T-MⅡ-305THD, year 2003

Newlong 335T-M-305THD SOS Paper Bag making machine
Year: 2003
Sheet Fed
 with Twisted handle unit
Top Folding: 40~60mm
Non creasing available
Bag widths: 220~350mm
Bottom widths: 65~160mm
Bag lengths: 340 – 540 mm
Paper size: max 1050 x 600 mm, Min 600 x 400 mm
Sheet Weight: 100~120g
Speed: 40~70 bags/min
Immediately available
Machine in excellent condition
Visible in production

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About Newlong 335T-MⅡ-305THD, year 2003

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    Fangbang machinery Co. Ltd, Fangbang machinery Co. LtdJianshe model ZD-QFP18B year 2013
    Newlong 335T + 505TH, year 1990

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