Rotogravure TIPOROTO 800-10


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Rotogravure TIPOROTO 800-10
Prints different types of packaging materials up to 10 colors with the possibility of printing 8/2 reverse
Can apply thermal and glossy varnishes
Maximum width: 820 mm
Minimum width: 400 mm
Volume of printing rollers 350-800 mm
The maximum diameter of the roll on the unwinder/rewinder: 800 mm
Inner core diameter on the unwinder/rewinder: 70.76 mm, rolls with an inner core diameter of 152 mm can be used with adapters
Maximum working speed (with an average cylinder scope of 500 mm): 250 m/min
Mechanical speed: 284 m/min
Minimum regulated speed: 5m/min
Compressed air: 7 bar
Materials: Aluminium foil 8-60 µ, PET 12-36µ, OPP 13-40µ, Paper maximum 100g/m2, various composite materials up to 150 g/m2
Unwinder with input traction, material preconditioning chamber and belt drive system
Printing units from 1-10
Output traction
Guide, water and rubber rollers
Electronic color matching system Eltromat DGC 650
Web video 3000
SIS (sample inspection system)
System for automatic adjustment of working viscosity of paint
Antistatic devices
Immediately available
The machine is stopped

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About Rotogravure TIPOROTO 800-10

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    Rotogravure printing machine ROTOPAC 2000, year 1988

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