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About G&H Bottomer Progress 525, year 1975

G&H Bottomer 
Type PROGRESS 525, open mouth and valve sacks
Year of production:1975
1 valve unit
Tube length size: 680 – 1340 mm
Tube width size: 320 – 600 mm
Width bottom size min-max: 70-155 mm
Valve length: 100-220 mm
Max speed:130 sacks/min (Average speed: 60-80 pcs / min)
Motor power 7.5 kW
Power of the vacuum pump is 8 kW
Machine weight: 13 t.
Dimensions: 14 x 2 x 1.5 m (L x W x H)
2 vacuum pumps
The levelling system of skewing of tubes: no
Defective system for folded tube: no
Bottom folding system
Tube control system and emergency stop over the entire length of the line
Open cutting unit for sack bottom
Printing on the bottom: 1 color
At the moment the printing bottom patch is not in function, the owner is not using it
The gluing unit for opening the bottom of the sack with the glue feeding system
The sack bottom forming unit with the system for stacking and sizing the bottom ribbon
Pressing-crimping conveyor
System for unwinding and adjusting the position and tension of the bottom ribbon
Transporter-tipping machine with the counter and dividing sacks into stacks: no
Can be seen in production. At the moment it is stopped but occasionally used depending on the volume of the order.
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About G&H Bottomer Progress 525, year 1975

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