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About Uteco Emerald 825.4M, year 2005

Uteco Emerald 825.4M
Year: 2005
Central drum

8 colors
Ideal for film
Material width: 1200 mm
Print width: 1250 mm
Min-max print repeat: 330-800 mm
Max speed: 400 m/min
Max reel dia of automatic unwinder/rewinder: 800 mm
Webguide: Kamberoller BST
With pneumatic pumps
Drying: gas burning
Drying tunnel 4 m
Telecamera BST Primus
Webguide: OPG
Sleeves: about 380 pcs
Visible in production
Availability: at the end of 2022

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About Uteco Emerald 825.4M, year 2005

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