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About SOMAFLEX IMPERIA 1270-8, year 2011

        Year: 2011
        8 colors
        Max printing width: 1270 mm
        Max material width: 1320 mm
        Min material width: 500 mm
        Min printing repeat: 360 mm
        Max printing repeat: 1300 mm
        Max mechanical speed: 450 m/min
        Materials: LDPE 0.020 – 0.160 mm, PE/OPP 0.012 – 0.100 mm, CPP 0.020 – 0.050 mm,BOPP, PET, OPA 0.010 – 0.025 mm, Paper 25 – 120 g/m2, Laminate 0.02 – 0.12 mm
        Max mechanical speed: 450 m/min
        Max reel diameter: 1000 mm
        Inner core diameter: 76 mm
        Max weight of the reel: 1000 kg
        Min reel diameter on unwinder NONSTOP: 300 mm
        Max speed during the reel change over NONSTOP: production speed
       Type of inks: solvent-based inks
        Doctor blade: 35 х 0,2 до 35 х 0,25 mm
        Photo-polymeric print plate thickness:1,14 mm+adhesive tape 0,55 mm
        Diameter of plate cylinder mandrel: Ø108,342 mm, metal-reinforced ring of print repeat 410 mm
        Setting the print length by 0,1mm; print length setting
adjustment +/-2%
        Anilox mandrel diameter: Ø 136,989 mm
        Sleeve length: 1350 mm
        Printing speed depends on the type and quality of materials to print, inks, printing repeat length, plates, graphic design, ink. coverage and color overlay, required printing quality, ambient temperature and type of doctor blades.
       Tension in the material to print: NON STOP 40 ÷ 420 N
       Operation side: to the left of the longitudinal axis directed from the winder to the central drum
       Power supply: 3-ph, 50 Hz, 400 W
       Nominal machine power consumption: 155 kW
       Drying system by gas
       The possibility of replacing the sleeve and preparing a printed job during the operation of the machine (flying sleeves)
       Automatic register and pressure control (FALCON 66)
       Modern printing control system (BST Premius Digital)
       Blade replacement system in the machine
       Automatic washing system INKSTORM
       Bosh Rexroth INDRAMAT direct drive technology
       Motor film infeed system
       Touch Screen
       Ergonomic mobile platforms for easy access to all ink units
       Easy access to printing
       Corona unit
       Web aligner before printing
       Banana roll before printing
       Automatic viscosity control
       Servodrive of register control – finishing printing
       Web aligner before rewinding
       Anilox cylinders: to be confirmed
       Sleeves: to be confirmed
       Dimensions W x L x H: 7000 x 18200 x 6170 mm
       Weight: approx. 7.000 kg
       In excellent conditions
       Available immediately
       Visible in production

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About SOMAFLEX IMPERIA 1270-8, year 2011

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