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About Bonardi Mira 1200, year 2002

 Bonardi Mira 1200
Year: 2002
6 col.
Printing Width: 1200 mm
Web Width: 1250 mm
Printing Repeat (min-max): 350-800 mm
Plate-Cylinder Gear-Pitch Module: 5 mm
Plate-Thickness, Sticky Back Included: 1,64 mm
Drying System: Electrical
System: Sleeved
Sleeve changeover central impression press
Helical gears, pitch 5 mm
Side register capability +/-10 mm
Up-down register capability +/-7 mm
Mechanical speed 250 m/min
Web tension range 30-250 N
solvent based and water inks
Printing plate thickness 1,14 mm
Sticky back adhesive thickness 0,50 mm
Chill roller with OD 290 mm
Double unwinder with automatic control tension
Electromagnetic powder brakes
Two air expandable shafts
Reel max diam 700 mm
Core diam. 3¨
Double rewinder
Two motors CA
Pneumatic loaded dancer with two low inertia air cylinders
Micro switch to stop the press in case the web breaks or reel end
Marriage roll pneumatic operated to enable to splice to be carried out at reducer speed with operator intervention
2sets of 6 mandrels
ANILOX ROLLERS: 10 ceramic coated and laser engraved aniloxes units
5 set of printing sleeves: 360, 400, 450, 550, 600
Banana roller: 1 banana roller at the infeed (before nip on top of central drum) and banana roller at the infeed (before rewinder)
Turning bar for printing half width 6+6
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About Bonardi Mira 1200, year 2002

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