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About W&H Flexo printer Novoflex, year 2001

W&H Flexo printer NOVOFLEX
Year: 2001
Electrical system renewed in 2017 by W&H

Central drum
8 colors
Printing width: max 1010 mm
Web width: max 1050 mm
Print repeat range: 300 – 760 mm
Roll diameter: max 1300 mm
Roll weight: max 1300 kg
Core inner diameter: 76 mm
Core outer diameter: 85 mm
Output (depending on job specifications and print related factors): max 350 m/min
Material: paper40-150 g/m2
Main press section with central impression drum and 8 doctor blade colour decks
BST Premius
Drying system: by diathermic oil
12 Ink Collection Pans
14 Doctor blade chambers
Anilox: about 20 pieces
Plate sleeves: about 400 pieces
Complete replace of the printing cylinders (ARADEX) with new technology ACOPOS
Changing of the computer plus cards for the shifting of the colours (1-8)
Visible in production
Available in June 2022

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About W&H Flexo printer Novoflex, year 2001

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