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about Uteco Diamond 610, year 1987

Uteco Diamond 610
Year:  1987
6 col.

Ideal for printing on film and paper
Max print width: 1400 mm
Printing repeats: 300-1000 mm
Double unwinder (duplex) for max reel dia: 1.000 mm
Double rewinder (duplex) for max reel dia:  800 mm
Diagonal under the deck (6+6 on 48% of the printing width)
Printing cylinders available from: 350×6, 400×6, 450×6, 500×6, 550×6, 600×6, 650×6, 700×6, 750×4. All cylinders include gears, no. 4 pneumatic cylinder for the full print job
No. 2-3 rubber rolls (spare parts)
No. 2-3 anilox spare parts
Several sleeves for full print jobs
Doctor blades (almost new) for 4 colours process
Drying system by electrical batteries
Pumps (almost new)
2 web guides
Telecamera new BST
PIV new
Printing speed: it depends on the work but the average is 100 m/min. (Max 250 m/min.)
Breaking system by loading cells for setting up the tension of the film for heavy reels
Almost new zelo system for the control of front and back register of printing
Shafts from 76 mm
Explosion proof
The machine is dismantled
Overall dimensions: width 10,395m x height 4m

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about Uteco Diamond 610, year 1987

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