Schiavi Padane sheeter


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About Schiavi Padane sheeter

Schiavi Padane Sheeter
with in-line printer Schiavi Padane 4 colours
Max reel dia.: 1000 mm
Max width: 1000 mm
Size: 100 x 100 mm
Min-max cut lengths: 500-1000 mm
Collecting table 5 plies / times
Speed: about 80 sheets/min
Materials: paper 30 -120 g
Visible in production
Size of gears available: to be confirmed.
Size of repeat cylinders available: to be confirmed.

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About Schiavi Padane sheeter

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    W&H sheeter with 2 color in line printer
    4MRefai,Flexy Cut 12-11 DF , year 2010

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