F.LLI VIOLA year 1991


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Slitter rewinder F.LLI VIOLA (Italy)
Year 1991
For paper
Unwinder: with double rewinders harms for the production of 4 finished reels
Max width 1800 mm
Diameter 1200 mm
PLC Siemens S5
Electric loading with hydraulic and oil control unit motor
Shaftless 152,4 mm
Pneumatic brake
Reel with 4 pairs of clutch levers
Unwinder internal core dia.: 6” (152,4  mm)
Internal core dia. for rewinder : 3″ and 6″ (76,2 mm and 152,4 mm)
Max diameter 600 mm
Min. cut width: 200 mm by Helios knives
Speed: 600 m/min

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About F.LLI VIOLA year 1991

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