CMC slitter, year 1995


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About CMC slitter, year 1995

CMC (Costruzioni Meccaniche Casalesi, Italy)
Year 1995
Max working width: 1800 mm
Max parent reel dia.: 1500 mm
Max finished reel dia.: 1000 mm
Internal core dia. For unwinder: 70-76-150
Internal core dia. For rewinder: 7,62 cm
Max speed: 300 – 350 m/min.
Material: Paper up to 180 g
Unwinder separate from the machine and with cross moving fixed to the floor
Lateral register driven by automatic coach
Automatic tension control of the web in the unwinder
9 Circular blades installed by Helios
Banana roll for the separation of the reels
With securities

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About CMC slitter, year 1995

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