Ashe Solitarie, year 2013


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Slitter rewinder (the technology on the machine has been taken from the Sapphire series , such as the tension isolation through the vacuum roller and fully atom. Diameter control. It’s the perfect choice for narrow web printer who converts a wide range of materials)
Ashe Solitarie
Year: 2013
Web width: 650 mm
Slitting width min-max: 50-650 mm
Unwind configuration Internal core air shaft : 76 mm and 152 mm adaptors
Rewinder configuration: 76 mm and 152 mm
Rewind weight 250 kg
Unwind control: torque control via air operated brake from measured unwind diameter
Materials: plastic films, paper, laminates, aluminum foils
Fully automatic diameter control
Max reel dia of unwinder: 1000 mm
Unwind weight 750 kg
Guider movement : +/- 75 mm
Correction rate: 25 mm per second
Guider type: photocell
Max reel dia of rewinder: 600 mm
Max speed: 450 m/min
Slitting section 5 x Male double Bevel & Female knives, 5 x Dovetail razors
Ashe digital edge guide
Touch screen
2 or 3 motor drive systems
Trim system: Venturi
Availability: immediately

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About Ashe Solitarie, year 2013

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    Bimec slitter, Model: STB/60, year 1997
    Laem mod. DV 301/1000, year 1993

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