Rollenco Memjet Trojan 3, year 2018


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Rollenco Memjet Trojan 3 (Netherlands)
Year: end of 2018
Ink jet mem jet technology
Small and compact flexo printer ideal to print small quantities of pre-made paper bags
User friendly, no specific competence is required
No cost of installation and ready to use immediately after installation!
Material to print:  paper (envelopes, SOS and Flat&Satchel paper bags, cardboard (no plastic)
Print width: 200 mm x unlimited length
Easy “roll in and out” feeder allowing hand feeding in a heartbeat.
Height adjustable transport table. Different product thickness set in seconds.
Wiping the Print-Head without time consuming removal of the Print Head.
Precise setting of Print Height controlled with dials and pre-sets.
Side alignment of print by simply shifting the print Head.
Height adjustable delivery table to ensure smooth delivery.
Improved user interface for easier operation.
Speed: about 3000 prints/hour
Cost per print from 0,001 to 0,03 euro
Extra spare colors available (colors in the machine if under 50% included)
Special adjustable table included
Very small consume of inks required
Visible in production. Makes 8-10.000 pcs /day!
Buyer will receive the contacts for the assistance and for buying the inks and all necessary spare parts
Available from May 2020

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About Rollenco Memjet Trojan 3, year 2018

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