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About Flexo Elite 10 ES 32, year 2006

Flexo Elite 10 ES 32
Year: 2006
8 colors installed on 10 color frames. Upgrade to 10 colors possible, any time
Steel CI drum, 2500 mm OD
For film
Materials: commercial plastic materials for food packaging, for example:
LLDPE from 15-20 microns and up, LD and HD industrial PE, of various thickness, also tubular, PET from 12 microns and up, BOPP from 15 microns and up, paper up to 80 gsm
Direct drive to the CI drum by TORQUE MOTOR
Lock/unlock of cylinders supports fully automatic sleeve change (Easylock);
Max printing width: 1300 mm
Print repeats min-max: 420 – 840 mm
Maximum production speed 350 m/min
Linear motors to position print cylinders and anilox rollers. (CT Patented) technology to move print cylinders and anilox rollers on position, reèlacing rotary motors connected to ball screws. No mechanical connections, no backlash in our print station
Turret unwinder and rewinder, fully automatic, 1000 mm OD reels
Drying system, gas, 2 independent zones
Inking and wash-up groups, independent per each color station, viscosity units
8 Carbon fiber doctor blades
8 anilox sleeves for line printing and 4 for four colors process of 900 lines
Motorized platforms to reach top stations at sleeve change over
Optical encoders are used in conjunction with linear motors for cylinder positioning.
The jobs are totally managed automatically by the PLC/PC controlled «recipe system»
About 100 print sleeves
12 ceramic anilox sleeves
8 pump units complete with viscosity units
Automatic washing system, fully programmable
Dimensions: according to layout
Visible in production
It will be dismantled in end August-beginning September 2022

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About Flexo Elite 10 ES 32, year 2006

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