Uteco mod. Mistral 120 , year 2005


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About Uteco mod. Mistral 120 , year 2005


mod. Mistral 120 

Coating Laminator Duplex 

Year: 2005

Material width  max 1250 mm 

Coating width: max 1200 mm 

Speed: 350 m/min. (The effective speed will depends on material, glue, quality requested etc.)

Materials: PET 8-25 my, BOPP, 12-20 my, PA 20-40 my, Paper 40-120 gr/m2

Materials to laminate: PE 30-280 my, ALU 6-20 my, CPP 20-200 my, cast PA 20-80 my Paper 40-120 grs 

Materials to coat: 3,5 – 45 kg  

Material to laminate: 2-28 kg

Type of works: solventless lamination, rotogravure and solvent, printing with sizes from 450 to 920 mm. The owner has never used/tested the coating by solvent. It is possible to inspect the machine laminate only solventless.

Coating unit: explosion-proof

Solvent 0.5 – dry gr/m2, 35% humidity 

Primary unwinder reel dia: 1000 mm

Secondary unwinder reel dia: 1000 mm

Rewinder reel diameter: 800 mm DUPLEX 

Mandrel: pneumatic

Internal cores: 76 and 152 mm (rewinding is possible only on 152 mm core)

Tension. 380 V +/- 5% 

Frequency 50 Hz +/- 2 %

Auxiliary tension 110/115 volts mono phase

Tensions for services: 220 / 230 monophase

Primary unwinder for max reel dia. 1000 mm

Up-right shaft-less 

Coating unit 

Rotogravure unit 

Solventless trolley 

Drying unit by steam

Second up-right shaft-less

Rewinder shaft-less 

Connecting frame 

Accessories (about 38 sleeves with different sizes)

Unwinding of the material to both directions 

Aut. Stop of the machine when the web break

Aut. Alignment of the material +/- 20 mm driven by ultrasound sensor

2 x coupling for cores internal dia. 76 mm

2 x couplings for cores internal dia. 152 mm

Panel control on later side of the machine 

Stop by deceleration 


Pulling of the material 

Increasing/decreeing of the machine speed

Dirven – arrest – downloading 

Selector for the unwinding of the material 

Controls located on the bar over the reel: 


Manual register 


Web guide: no. 1 Shifting type electromechanical with a single ultrasound sensor and manual control for the guide from the side.

Frist Up-right frame in steel for 50 mm thickness 

Coating unit: the unit can allow the interchangeable of the trolleys , can use solvent glues, water and solventless, various coating

The unit is composed as follows: 

Monitor touch 15”SVGA

Rotogravure unit for the coating made by a doctor blade mounted on the side of the trolley (it was never used by the owner for the lamination by solvent)
MIXER VEA MATRIX M4S for bi-component adhesive ideally for film-film 
 Corona treatment Ferrarini&Benelli  for multi-material included metallic installed on the second winder 

Die-casting MATRIX M4S VEA

1 cylinder for the coating that works by bearings

Solventless trolley for the coating: it is interchangeable to be used for the coating. It works by sleeves 

Calendar for the feeding, it is motorized driven by loading cells 

Drying unit with 2 area type drop down. Drying tunnel of 6 m and blowing items. 

Temperature control  

Second up-right shiftless of 70 mm  


Motor for the rewinding 

Pneumatic dancing roll 

Reel change system for the rewinder with automatic cut  of the web in production speed (according to materials and bioadhesive) 

Mandel support

Alectrostatic bar

Pre-melting device Contaldi

Corona treatment

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About Uteco mod. Mistral 120 , year 2005

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