Dolci mono-extruder, year 1990


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About Dolci mono-extruder, year 1990

Year 1990
dia. Screw: 90 mm
Length screw: 30 D
Motor: 112 Kw
Filter: FBM Lunik of 1990 gap 1,4
Ring : Dolci  of 1990 no thickness control
Die head: DOLCI 1700 mm of 1984 with guests
Web guide  2350 mm of 1990
Ventilator yes
Chiller battery yes
Dosing system DOTECO Grado J20 of 2005 by 2 stations
Cochlea yes
No trim feeding
Corona treatment: Cason TCB 15 of 2008 for 1800 mm max width
In-line printer: Saldoflex flexol 2 of 2011 1+1 col,  for 1600 mm max printing width
With cross and longitudinal printing register
With Giugni in-line module for small marks mod. Miniflex 363-35 EPC of 2002
Products: tubulars only

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About Dolci mono-extruder, year 1990

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Dolci model KDC 180

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