Bielloni Castello Spa / Dolci extruder, year 2002


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About Bielloni Castello Spa / Dolci extruder, year 2002

Bielloni Castello Spa / Dolci
Year: 2002
For production of 3 layer PE foil
materials: LLDPE / LDPE / MLLDPE / MDPE / HDPE
Film thickness from 25 to 200 µm.
Working width: 1600 mm
speed up to 100 m / min
Line capacity ca 300 kg / h
Line equipment:
Extruders: L / D 30:
Layer A – 55.30D (internal)
Layer B – 65.30D (middle)
Layer C – 55.30D (outer)
Manual screen changer on each extruder.
Doteco gravimetric raw material dosing system: 4 pcs for each extruder.(Doteco system for adaptation to work in line with extruders on the buyer’s side)
Three-layer blow head with mouthpiece diameter: 220 and 300 mm
External (OBC) and internal (IBC) cooling system of the film realized by a cooling device from Eurochiller, type: ABF 30 / 10PW, connected with an external fan cooler by Eurochiller, type: OFC 110 / KIT / S.
Calibration basket with adjustable diameter up to max. 1100 mm – equipped with three ultrasonic sensors to adjust the blowing and film width.
Auxiliary basket supporting the balloon
A film folder for the production of a sleeve with side folds
Reversible foil extraction with a working range of 360 degrees, equipped with a foil cooling system through cooling shafts.
Foil guiding rollers
Film center guiding system: FIFE producer.
Segmented foil activator, 1700 mm wide, enabling the setting of longitudinal stripes without activation (segment width 10 mm): manufacturer Ferrarini & Benelli series: GTS6W
Double automatic foil winder in the “back to back” configuration with the possibility of winding rolls up to a diameter of 1000 mm.
Side knives cutting a foil sleeve: 2 pcs.
Knives cutting the foil into pieces: 7 pcs.
Expansion rollers winding the foil on 3 ” sleeves: 4 pcs.
The line does not include the structure of the tower and platforms.
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About Bielloni Castello Spa / Dolci extruder, year 2002

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