Alpine HS 65 R, year 1990


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about Alpine HS 65 R, year 1990

HS 65 R
Year: 1990
Film blowing extruder
Working width: 1600 mm
Min-max speed: 10-100 m/min
Roll width: 1700 mm
Web control FIFE
Winding machine with 2 winding positions
Water cooling
Mass pressure measuring device Dynisco with digital display
Mass temperature measuring device with digital display
2 pneumatic cross knives with ozone resistant rubber roll for winding when changing rolls
2 banana rolls
4 winding shafts (mechanic)
Hydraulic lowering device for finished rolls
Longitudinal separator with 4 cutting blades
Machine height: 9 m
Rotating platform downstairs, the whole machine rotated around, a very good system
The insert option of “DIE inserts” is possible from 100 to 250 mm. There is a “DIE” in the machine from 160 mm and 1 other from 120 mm

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about Alpine HS 65 R, year 1990

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